Gregg from Rouen / Franceentry 41 : 30.10.2005 at 17:43
Hello there !

Well done for the Nuon. It's one of my favorite machine in my collection.

greets from France.
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  Uriientry 37 : 22.10.2005 at 21:46
Hi, all. Nice site...I really like your site ! Good job man.
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  Sanekentry 36 : 27.05.2005 at 0:30
very good job!!!
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  rogierentry 35 : 11.03.2005 at 12:14
Succes met de site en het oplossen van de moeilijkheden.
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  Nitu from Texasentry 33 : 21.02.2005 at 20:09
I really like your site
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  Bogo from Riminientry 32 : 21.00.2005 at 15:41
Qualcuno parla la mia lingua ??
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  Lisaentry 31 : 07.11.2004 at 20:59
Cool beans.
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  joeentry 30 : 10.10.2004 at 15:59
cool site
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  hansentry 29 : 10.10.2004 at 15:59
nice page
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  Urs König from CH-Eschenbach/LUentry 28 : 14.09.2004 at 20:54
I'm coming from the Sinclair QL and Atari Jaguar Edge. Richard Miller and John Mathieson were involved in both projects/products in the decade 1984 to 1994.

Great to see some other folks help making those inventions unforgettable.

Beside of dozens of QL's, Jaguar's, peripherals, books and software I own a very rare Swiss Samsung DVD-N504!

Happy Retro-Computing - where time is endless!
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  Tomek from Rewalentry 27 : 17.08.2004 at 0:02
This is very nice website :)
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  Insightowner from Paderborn/Germanyentry 26 : 28.06.2004 at 17:42
Hi folks.
Being a console-guy for some years now, I stumbled across a machine called "NUON". Living over here in Germany it meant to own one, one could only get the N505.
The N504 wasn't even available from or any dealer from Switzerland. That's me speaking, who drives the rarest Honda on Germanys roads and driving hundreds of Kilometres to get it. I normally somehow ALWAYS get what I want but with the N504 it's absolutely impossible...
So now some two years later I have a fairly big NUON-collection for European standards:

Samsung N505
Toshiba SD2300

HPI "N64" Controller

Tempest 3000

Planet of the Apes (NUON-enhanced)
Buckaroo Banzai (NUON-enhanced)

NUON, the most underestimated console of all time !
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  Tom Losh from Lakewood, WA USAentry 25 : 11.06.2004 at 5:16
I have an old Toshiba 2300 DVD player with NUON enhancement, and it is a very fine machine. It is sad what happened to NUON development. That was a very good chipset and some very nice programming.
<br>Take care all!
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  Barry from Santa Cruzentry 24 : 29.04.2004 at 7:56
How about a NUON-PC port, so the public can enjoy the games and NUON-ized bits of DVD's?
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  Ileentry 23 : 18.04.2004 at 9:54
Just surffig!
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  marss from parisentry 22 : 16.04.2004 at 22:33
Gosh, i had my N504 yesterday and have been boasting the features to my family. I need games and controller. I wish some demos are around the net but where ? We are a bunch of Atari freaks on
We organize parties twice a year. The next one is due in 2 weeks.
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  Charles Wallace from Chicago, Il.entry 21 : 27.03.2004 at 5:30

Although I'm not a Nuon "Alumnus", I am (was???) a Nuon user. I loved it. I wish it was still here. My wife was addicted to one of the games, but all of our controllers broke (found your site tonight while searching for a source for Nuon game controllers). I was amzed at the "Merlin Racing" game. In that game, they have a creature called the Piasa Bird. I thought I was was one of the only people in the world to know about the Piasa Bird (For those who don't know already, the Piasa Bird was a legendary creature depicted in a petroglyph on a cliff overlooking the Misissippi River near Alton, Illinois). I have hanging on my wall a stone, hand carved reproduction based upon an illustration made in the 1600's by a French explorer (Joliet?), created recently by Illinois Petroglyph-Art artist Ron Barwick.

I remember when I bought my Samsung Nuon DVD player (A DVD player which also played games) was a choice between that and Sony Playstation (which was a game player which also played DVD's). I wish Nuon had succeeded.

I read this site's sections on the people and history behind Nuon ..inspiring. I'm involved in something similar myself right now. My brother, Mike Wallace, has invented a new type of game controller/CAD/Navigation device called the geOrb (see which I'm trying to help make a market for. It has a plug-in to Rhino 3D Nurbs modelling software, which makes Rhino faster and easier to use. Please check it out!

So, why did Nuon fail? The only technical problems I encountered with it were the controllers, which seemed to get worn out quickly. I enjoyed everything else about it. Was it a marketing issue?

Oh, and by the way....where can I get replacement controllers? I'm dying to get back into my "Freefall" game (I know, the DVD'd remote controller is supposed to double as a game controller too...but it's just too clumsy and awkward to use).


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  Philip T. Wood from Birminghamentry 20 : 17.01.2004 at 2:06
This site is very informative.  I look foward to seeing new developements from homebrewers for the NUON system.

God bless;
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  Wilson Chung from Menlo Park, CAentry 19 : 15.01.2003 at 10:12
Ever wonder what happened to Video-on-Demand, Interactive Games on DSL using Moto/VML Streammaster set-top boxes?

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  Sandro Pintz from Menlo Park, CAentry 18 : 11.11.2002 at 3:28
Gratuliere Andreas! Nuon will live not just in our fond

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  Ejd from USAentry 17 : 14.10.2002 at 21:20
PS2 stomped all over you
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  Dirk Paulsberg from Moers/Niederrhein/ -germany-entry 16 : 20.09.2002 at 11:22
Well done!

Klasse Seite Andreas! Es macht spaß sie anzugucken, aber auch ein wenig traurig. So viele bekannte Namen haben an diesem wohl visionären Projekt gearbeitet und nun ist alles futsch. Schade, wirklich schade, zumal keine Hard- und Software nach Europa (D-land) gekommen ist. Abgesehen von dem VLM in dem Samsung N505.

Ich grüße Freunde des Nuon!
I greet all friends of the Nuon!

CU, Dirk
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  Felipeentry 15 : 11.09.2002 at 20:41
Well to bad it never caught on, the idea was a wonderful one. I wish the guys that worked on it well..I love my Extiva, it still awe's many of my friends when they see what it can do.. Plus the region free hack is very good too, he,he,he  I just wonder if there is a way to cut out the macrovision?  Viva my Nuon player..
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  Eugene Esterly III from Breinigsville,PAentry 14 : 06.09.2002 at 7:52
Great site. Good luck to all former VM LABS/Genesis employees. Thanks for keeping the memory of NUON alive. I still like & use NUON. Even though NUON is dead, I still use my  Samsung DVDN501 because it has better features than other DVD players that I have seen.
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  osuuma from Tassajara, CAentry 13 : 08.08.2002 at 8:36
Thanks to Andreas for making these photos and info available.

Last year, during my evening commutes, I would hear radio advertisments for "Samsung DVD players with NUON technology. Technology from UFOs!".  This ad was appropriate for the evening time slot as it preceded the Art Bell program. Go figure!
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  The Helperentry 12 : 04.08.2002 at 21:52
Good Luck to all the former VM Labs staff.  Sorry the technology did not catch on but I have a N501 in my living room so you guys did make an impact :)  Peace and Best Wishes!
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  Michael Schmidt from Cologneentry 11 : 27.07.2002 at 11:04
Hi Andreas,

very cool. I hope you will find time to increase this document of NUON history.

Best wishes,
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  smokey from Antwerpen/Belgiumentry 10 : 25.07.2002 at 17:36
As  a fan of T2K on the Jag.It was only natural for me to be intrested in the nuon project.But Being a resident of a country that doesn't support the nuon I'm hoping that i can own one  one day...
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  Craig A. DeLay from Los Angeles entry 9 : 23.07.2002 at 4:32
I've followed VMlabs since it's introduction in 1999. I was always intrigued with the concept of multi purpose appliances, and the idea of combination DVD player/ gaming platform was and still is a daring undertaking.
I do believe the industry has recognized the mild sucess of a player first, gaming second device and may try to build on the concept. I am still a strong believer in the potential of the Nuon idea.
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  Getjan Demmingentry 8 : 22.07.2002 at 22:47
As an Atari fan i've been keeping an eye on the Nuon developements since the earliest days. It was great seeing the system progress (too) slowly into a great component for DVD players. Making it a rather good games machine as well. It was and still is nice to discuss on the forums about what's happening.  It's a real shame that this great piece of hardware got butchered before it got the chance to grow to it's full potential. Despite of that and that it is hard to get a Nuon enabled DVD player, i still hope to get my hands on a N504 and see the delights where all the people on the boards have and still are talking about.
I wish all the people from VMLabs all the best and maybe someday the team can get back together again for another great design. Till "then" I'm sure the Nuon won't be forgotten and i'll be there to follow the latest developements.

You all take care,
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  Ryan Stouffer from Tempe, AZentry 7 : 22.07.2002 at 21:18
 I first heard about NUON in 1999 and because Jeff Minter was involved, I was excited from the beginning.  I finally got my N-501 in Summer 2001 and it turned out to be so much more than just a VLM/T3k/DVD player for me.  I've really enjoyed the tech and I'm very pleased that the SDK was released before the thing died.
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  Chad Tindle aka BeefMan from Louisvilleentry 6 : 22.07.2002 at 16:13
I started following you guys from when the first news about ProjectX surfaced in the now defunt Next Generation magazine.  Not soon after some super blurry pics of IS3 surfaced and news that Yak was making T3K I was hooked.  It was quite fun while it lasted, you guys always responded to emails and gave me the hookup on a cool T-Shirt and a few other items.  I really had hoped that NUON would succeed and in many ways it did.  I hope I continue to see cool behind the scenes pics and stories on this site.  If anyone feels compelled to send ole BeefMan an official NUON dev system, please do so. :)
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  Milon from Boston, MAentry 5 : 22.07.2002 at 15:36
While I have only been following NUON since May 2001, the exciting potential of the technology (on paper at least) is what made me a loyal supporter.  Here was a combo DVD movie/game playing platform which had amazing versatility (VLM, ability to play homebrew games) AND it enhanced all CURRENT movies with features like zoom and screen fit that no other DVD player had at the time.

Many thanks to those who worked and believed in the technology.  While NUON may be dead, I still fire up my N501 regularly to watch all my DVD movies and to play the occassional game.  
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  patrick roelandt from Breda, NLentry 4 : 22.07.2002 at 10:31
Hi Guys! Fantastic page that makes me even more sad about the demise of VMLabs and its technology.

Still hoping that something good will eventually come out of this. Maybe someday the rights to the NUON technology will be sold to a company who really cares about it.

It's nice to see the people behind the technology and learn some more about the history of NUON and VMLabs.

Keep it up!
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  Kevin Manne from Buffalo, NYentry 3 : 21.07.2002 at 21:47
Just dropping in to say "great site!" and to thank the whole VM Labs/NUON team - it's a shame NUON came to such an abrupt hault, just as things were starting to come together for the technology.

I love seeing all the behind-the-scenes photos and look forward to some first-hand accounts on the site :D
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  Andreas Binner from Munichentry 2 : 21.07.2002 at 20:58
Welcome to the NUON Alumni guestbook!
Feel free to add your comments.
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