Below a subset of the VM Labs team. Except that I started with the first six employees of VM Labs, there is no special order in which the team members show up. This page doesn't contain all people ever worked on NUON or with VM Labs - of course not, VM Labs had over 100 employees at its best time! This has basically two reasons: I don't have a picture of them and/or I don't have their contact information. And, I don't want to post any picture without the permission of the shown person. So if a former VM Labs employee comes across this site and likes to be added, just send me an email:

Richard Miller:

Founder and CEO of VM Labs. Visionary behind the NUON technology.

Matthew Halfant:

Matthew was the VP Software Development and was also heading up the tool development. He is largely responsible for assembling the VM Labs team!

David Betz:

David was working on the debugger, the debug card firmware and was later architecting the DVD player UI framework.

Louis Cardillo:

Louis was the VP Hardware Engineering and did design the processor elements (MPEs).

John Mathieson:

As VP Technology and later Product Development, John did design many parts of the NUON chip, e.g. the audio sub system.

Eric R. Smith:

Eric was the NUON system guru. He wrote the NUON assembler, wrote many demos, the MML3D library, parts of the BIOS and later parts of NUON OS.

Jeff Minter:

Jeff was involved very early in the chip design and later wrote Tempest3K, VLM2 and 2D graphic libraries.

Bob Sjoberg:

Bob was our video expert and wrote all video related firmware.

Andreas Binner:

Andreas was heading up the audio team, wrote audio libraries, the CD and MP3 player, the HAL and later NUON OS.

Ken Rose:

Ken ported the gcc compiler and gdb debugger to NUON and wrote big parts of the BIOS.

Rick Greicar:

Rick was the architect and maintainer of perhaps the most complex part of the firmware: the audio decoder. Rick himself also ported many decoders to NUON assembly (e.g. AC-3).

Gil Spencer:

Gil (here with David) was working on settop box projects, was porting the TCP/IP stack and later working on the DVD navigation and presentation engine.

Pratish Desai:

Pratish was the lead engineer behind the DVD presentation engine. He made our firmware actually play a DVD.

Richard Becker:

Richard Becker was working on various 2D graphics projects including the port of the font engine.

Richard Becker died on 10/26/2002 after a long struggle with cancer.

Hans-Martin Krober:

was writing GUI frontend for the Puffin2k debugger.

Francois Souchay:

Francois was designing and implementing the NUON wavetable synthesizer.

David Lynch:

David was designing and implementing the presentation engine.

Sandro Pintz:

Sandro was a member of the hardware team and did design the MPEG 2 video decoder pipeline.

Bill Rehbock:

Bill was the VP Third Party Development and responsible for getting game developers on board and supported.

Jude Katsch:

Jude also was a member of the hardware team and did design the DMA engines of NUON.

Audio Team Members:

Bill Barton (HDCD,MP3)

Sol Friedman (Spatializer)

Andreas Binner (see above)

Wilson Chung:

Wilson was responsible for the MPEG video decoder and was working on set-top box projects.